We are the Agency of Creativity for the Digital Age.

Ninja is a creative agency for the digital age, specialising in non-conventional, viral and social media marketing. 

We are in the “New Age” of the aware consumer, who has both an active and participating role. Terms such as viral, social media, user generated content and open innovation are no longer simply slogans of the New marketing but fundamental concepts of contemporary “branding”, which entails a direct, constant and bi-directional relationship with people.

We are talking about a real revolution that affects strategic marketing and which requires not only the use of new and innovative models, but also the experience and mental training which we Ninja have undergone over years of study and practical application for our clients.

We Ninja warriors, the new cultural creations of and for the digital age, are ready to unite with you in your difficult struggle towards the “evolution” of your company and its media relations. Are you ready for us?